Whilst at the waterside the public often stand and watch us, a few ask some questions others want to but don't.
I have put together a list of some of the questions asked, if they don't answer yours please email us and we will do our best to answer you.

Do I need a model to join the club?
No, there are a few members that have joined the club and have become model makers.

Does my model need to sail?
No, your boat can be a static model, once that you enjoyed building it, you can also display it at a number of shows the club attended's every year.

Is building a model expensive?
Building a model can be inexpensive or  expensive, it depends on the individual building the model and the method used to build the model, whether you buy a kit or build from scratch using plans and materials lying about.  The club has over 300  plans in electronic format that novices or any member can borrow or have a copy of.

Is there a minimum age to join the club?
No, there is no minimum age to join the club, an adult must accompany children whilst at the waterside or at any events they attend.

Can I sail a steam powered boat?
Yes. the boiler must have a valid boiler test certificate.

I am interested in building a radio controlled model but don't where to start.
Just come along to any meeting and a club member will have a chat to you to help you decide on what type of  model you are interested in building, and what type of budget you have.

Can I get help if I get stuck?
Yes , there a highly skilled members in the club that will gladly give anyone help.

Does the club meet al the year round?
Yes. the club has meeting days at the waterside and indoor meetings once a month all year round.

Are there anymore financial obligations when I join the club?
No, you only pay a membership fee annually, the cost depends on the membership at the AGM when the fee is set. ( the more members the lower the fee this is because we are none profit making but need to meet fixed charges e.g. insurance and pool licence's etc, )
Part of the fee now goes to the MPBA as you will become a member.
For current membership fees please contact the Club Secretary.

Do I have to attend every show that the club participates in?
No the choice is yours. But if you have a model you can display it and have a chat about it to public and try to encourage them into model building its amazing how much interest there is. Normally entry is free and at some events refreshments are given throughout  the day.

I have mobility problems, is access to the waterside easy.?
Yes, access to the waterside is through a gate from a tarmac path, members are given a key to gain entry. A member will gladly assist in lowering your boat into the water.

Does the club meet other clubs?
Yes, throughout the year normally at events. Some of our members are members of other clubs as well. We have close ties with a couple of them.